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Accessing medical care is a process that is made difficult by the already challenging requirements of obtaining insurance, finding providers that accept it, and then finally carving out the time to make it to appointments.


However, it is especially complicated, and often off-putting, when you live in a body that medical professionals immediately label as “unhealthy.”


When you live in a larger body, you are met with fatphobia and shaming from the very people you are there to receive treatment from. They fail to treat–or take seriously–the symptoms you are concerned with by focusing instead on your body size by suggesting that weight loss is your only treatment option.


Health At Every Size® is a paradigm and a movement that encourages health-promoting habits without focusing on weight as a measure of health, while also working toward ending size discrimination, the culture of dieting, and the belief that “thin” is the only acceptable body size.


These sheets were created as a way to give weight-neutral, evidence-based care options for common health conditions.


They are meant to be used by you, the patient, as reference materials to gain knowledge and advocate for yourself and others; and as resources for healthcare practitioners who are interested in creating more inclusive practices by gaining a better understanding of weight-neutral care options.

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This project is supported in part by a grant from the Association for Size Diversity and Health